A Nightmare Beyond Belief is the opening song to A Halloween Beyond Belief (TAH #143), which contains Ladies and Skeleton and Son of Beyond Belief. It was written by Eban Schletter and performed by Hal Lublin as Spooky Hal.

A reprise of the song at the end of the episode is sung by Hal Lublin, with Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster as Frank and Sadie Doyle.



It starts, just strange
Something out of place
Perhaps a feeling lingering
From long ago

But then, surreal
What could not be imagined
Now is real, a world revealed
Just out of reach of what you know

From the other side
Twisted spirits rise in
Horrifying visions of
Tormented souls

Retching forth despair
A frothing venom spews
Its stench into the air
And Death is everywhere

The halls of haunted spirits screaming
Tortured songs of souls congealing
Hordes of monsters eyeballs beaming
Guts and gores and blood is streaming
Endless horror, no relief
Eternities of pain and grief
A nightmare that is so beyond belief

Beyond belief!

Don't you think
That after all of that
You just might want to have yourself
A drink or two?

Just like Frank and Sadie Doyle
Who dare to face the darker
Forces on the brink
With their wits and love and drinks

To the netherworld that lurks beyond belief
Beyond belief!


Spooky Hal
And so concludes
Another tale of Frank
And Sadie Doyle
That's the Drinking Doyles
To me and you

For in the booze
You can find the bravery
You'll need to face
The Terrifying forces of the netherworld!

Sadie Doyle
Hold up a bit
We drink because we like it
Bravery doesn't even
Enter into it!

(Frank: That's right.)

Frank Doyle
For bravery
It means that you conquer fear
But we have no fear to conquer
My dear wife and me

Sadie Doyle
The ones who should be scared
Are the evil forces who
When facing us are faced with a love
One can't compare!

(Frank: Indeed!)

Frank Doyle
When I look in your eyes
Somewhere a demon dies
Because he knows he doesn't stand a chance
Against the power of our romance!

Sadie Doyle
Our love is quite invincible
And yet we stand on principle
To toast ourselves with a joyus clink!

Frank Doyle
And another demon dies when we do that
I think!

Sadie Doyle
Because they know our

Frank and Sadie Doyle
love of drink
Is something that is just beyond belief!

Beyond belief!

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