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Acker & Blacker

Acker & Blacker

This page is for the fictional comedy duo who used to host the Thrilling Adventure Hour during its days at M Bar. For the writers of the show, see The Bens.

Acker & Blacker were a fictionalized comedy duo who performed primarily during the show's run at M Bar. They would host and introduce the show. They were intentionally hacky and generally just stated their comedy tropes outright, which were that Acker was cheap and Blacker was fat. After the show transferred to Largo, Acker & Blacker hosted the first show in March 2010 and then were discontinued.

An example of this act may be seen in The Thrilling Adventure Hour in The Room Live, a performance live-streamed during the show's transition between locations in February 2010. In that performance Acker was played by Parvesh Cheena.



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