Mark Gagliardi
Role WorkJuice Player
Born April 26, 1979
Photo Allan Amato[1]
External Links
Official Site
IMDb Mark Gagliardi
Twitter @MarkGags
Instagram markgags
Facebook Mark Gagliardi
Vimeo Mark Gagliardi

This is a style guide to a basic actor page for the Thrilling Adventure Hour Wiki. As an example we will be using Mark Gagliardi's actor page.

First, to add an infobox with the actor's picture and basic info, use this template. External links to the actor's website, twitter, IMDb, and other social media should be added. Fill in the information that you have and leave the other options blank or delete them, as desired. When adding a picture, please use a clear picture, an official picture from the actor's webpage or an official WorkJuice portrait is preferred for clarity and quality, as seen here. Always include a photo credit, with a reference link if necessary.

{{Infobox person
| image = Markgagliardi.jpg
| name = Mark Gagliardi
| role = [[WorkJuice Players|WorkJuice Player]]
| birthday = April 26, 1979
| photocredit = [ Allan Amato]<ref>From the [ WorkJuice] blog.</ref>
| officialsite = []
| imdb = [ Mark Gagliardi]
| twitter = [ @MarkGags]
| instagram = [ markgags]
| facebook = [ Mark Gagliardi]
| vimeo = [ Mark Gagliardi]

In the header, please include some basic actor information and how they relate to The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Example: Mark Gagliardi is a WorkJuice Player whose rich baritone voice can be heard in most group songs. He would appear to really enjoy Scotch.


Every role the actor has played on The Thrilling Adventure Hour should be linked to both the character page (if available) and segment. If the role does not have a character page, please link to the episode.



Include code for references by typing the following: <references />

  1. From the WorkJuice blog.

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