Alexandria "Alex" Cartwright is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars. She is played by Shannon Woodward in Hypercattle Overdrive and Annie Savage in Mortified on Mars.


Alex Cartwright is the daughter of Pembroke CartwrightSparks Nevada is her favorite hero, and she loves writing in her diary. 

Alex came to Mars with her father to raise hypercattle. In Hypercattle Overdrive, she is very excited to meet Sparks Nevada, and asks him if he could be her dad, as she's ashamed that her dad is "only" a chef. Later, when her dad finds the hero within, she is more accepting of her father.

In Mortified on Mars, Alex  writes several journals chronicaling the events throughout the day, and at the end declares her father a hero, as it was his pressurized canisters of foams that ultimately saved the day.


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