Aubrey Crespo is a waitress, and was a supernatural expert for 26 days while under the influence of a curse. She is played by Jamie Denbo.

Aubrey worked in a diner opposite to the liquor store where Wade Crespo worked. She was not aware of him (he never spoke to her), but he was deeply in love with her. When he made a wish on The Monkey's Paw, she became his wife and had no memories of her former life.

This lasted for 26 days, until Frank Doyle, who was also under the influence of the curse, came to the Crespos for help. He was being pursued by Keller, who arrived and threatened them. Before Keller could complete his transformation into a werewolf, Wade revered the curse, returning the Doyles, himself, and Aubrey to their former lives.

Appearances Edit

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