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“Cantinela Peligrosa Numero Tres” The Piano has Been Thinking, the musical episode of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

Written by Andy Paley.

Performed by: Los Banditos Mutantes (David Fury, Elin Hampton, Emma Danoff, Grant-Lee Phillips, Autumn Reeser and John DiMaggio).


Sparks Nevada!

Time to beg for your life

Sparks Nevada!

We've six guns and a kinife

We'll shoot you and stab up your head

Escuchanos to what we have said

For we'll kill you til you are dead

(Sparks Nevada: Less singin', more shootin')

Sparks Nevada!

Sparks Nevada!

Sparks Nevada!

(Sparks Nevada: Good call on the shootin. Croach, that was good.)

Sparks Nevada!

You may have killed us this day

Sparks Nevada!

Some other piper you'll pay

You'll hear the toll of the bell

That sounds your death knell

We'll await for you in hell

(Sparks Nevada: I'm not going to hell, so...)

Sparks Nevada!

Sparks Nevada!

Sparks Nevada!

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