Carlos the Scientist is a character in Welcome to Night Vale, and a part of The Great Thrilling Adventure Hour / Welcome to Night Vale Crossover.  He is played by Dylan Marron


Carlos the Scientist came to Night Vale in the very first episode of Welcome to Night Vale.  One year later, he and Cecil Palmer began a romantic relationship.  Carlos' scientific speciality is science, and is said by both Cecil and Croach the Tracker to have perfect teeth and hair.

Nearly a year after Carlos and Cecil started their relationship, Carlos became stuck in a desert in another world, where he is still stuck during the events of the crossover episode. However, he was taught by Dana Cardinal how to project an image of himself into Night Vale, and it's through this image that Carlos interacts with Cecil and the rest of the characters in the crossover episode.

Carlos gives his scientific opinion about what is and is not science throughout the crossover episode, as well as speaking about what logically makes sense and what does not. When Sparks Nevada attempts to figure out if Carlos is a mad scientist or not, Carlos does not understand what Sparks is asking. When Cecil and Sparks believe they have figured out how to prevent the universe from ending, Carlos is unsure if the solution would work, and un-projects himself from Mars, after telling Cecil he loves him.

For more information on Carlos the Scientist, see Carlos on the Welcome to Night Vale wiki.


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