Christmas on Mars is the opening song to every special Christmas episode.

It was sung by the several WorkJuice Players and special guests in the first Christmas on Mars episode.

In The Full Christmas Episode from December 2011 it was sung by Paul and Storm.

In The Complete “Christmas on Mars” show from December 8, 2012, it was sung by Annie Savage as The Saloon Doors.

In Christmas on Jupiter, the 2013 Christmas Special, the song was changed to Christmas on Jupiter.

Christmas on Mars was written by Ben AckerBen Blacker and Andy Paley.


Christmas on Mars! Welcome to our cosmic bash!
A party you'll be glad you crashed, tonight!

Take a ride on a rocket powered sleigh
Melt snowmen with a laser ray so bright!

In this whole great big wide solar system
It's the best Christmas party in space
A space man grabbed Santa and kissed him
Cause space Mistletoe's so much stronger in space!

Holiday on the fourth rock from the sun
The fun has only just begun, that's right!

May your Christmas be red, for the joy that we spread
Will shine even brighter than stars!
For the merriest Christmas is Christmas on Mars!
On Mars!
On Mars!

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