Additional LyricsEdit

For the Anniversary show episode Mrs. Parker and the Doctaparatorious Paradox, guest-starring Weird Al Yankovic an extended version of the closing theme was performed (furthering the joke about the themes' length, see Behind the Scenes).

Colonel Tick-Tock's theme was written by Ben AckerBen Blacker and Andy Paley.

The additional lyrics follow:


Cross time, the Colonel saved us again
So fine, he’s a man among men


"No time, I need to do it again!"


It's Colonel TickTock time.

(goes to regular closing theme through "Tick... Tock... Tick...)

He fought the Greenwich Meanie
With help from old Houdini
And he made Mussolini
March to “God Save the Queenie”…

Disco beat (Background singers “Time Hole!”)

The icy, icy Ice Age
Made cooking rather dire
So TickTock paid a visit
And he brought the cavemen fire!

(Background singers “Time Hole!”)

In deep dark Tanganyika
A very hungry tribe
Had the Colonel in a stew
But somehow he survived!

(Background singers “Time Hole!”)

In sandy Ancient Egypt
The Pharoah felt real crummy
But TickTock helped old Imhotep
By teaching him gin rummy!

(Background singers “Time Hole!”) End Disco beat

He made a solemn oath to her majesty the Queen
In old jolly London town
In regards to the sun and the British Empire
That bright burning ball shan’t ever go down!

(Returns to regular closing through "Make way for chronological power!")

It's Colonel Tick-Tock time!
Can’t wait, for the next mystery
A date, to unwind history
Your fate, will take a new twist you’ll see
It’s Colonel Tick-Tock
With his trick clock!
Colonel Tick-Tock time!
It's Colonel Tick-Tock time!

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