Corey Slightly the third (full name Corence) had an unusual childhood. After being watched over by The Poppins for a short time, Pan stole him away from her to live with him on his island for ten years. He eventually left because his childhood crush, a little red-headed girl, was growing up, and he wanted to grow up with her. The two married and eventually divorced.

After his divorce, Corey called out to Pan, who returned and offered Corey's shadow (and, by extension, Corey as well) the chance to return to his island. The Poppins, sensing Corey's heart, sought him out, and the two creatures battled for who would claim him. His father also entered the fray, wanting Corey to work with him at his bank.

Seeking out the Doyle's help, Corey was eventually split into three parts - his soul with Pan, his heart with the Poppins, and his body to his father. He was kept alive via a clockwork heart that Frank Doyle bought at an auction.

He, or rather his body, currently works as managing director at his father's bank.

Corey Slightly is played by Mark McConville.

Appearances Edit

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