Crispin Doyle is a character created by Spooky Hal, who began to gain so much power that he could effect the Doyles reality with it to change the story of their lives to better fit with what he thought was fair. Crispin did not know he was a character, believing himself to be a wil o' the wisp like Spooky Hal.

Although he was just a 'casual fan' in the lives of the Doyles, Crispin felt very deeply for two of their visitors - Boz and Leonard. Upset by the way things turned out for Boz and Leonard, he attempted to change reality so that the two skeleton men could find love, by pretending to be Frank's brother. To stop him from changing things too much, Spooky Hal (under the advisement of Frank) changed him into a mortal being and sent him to the same fate as Boz and Leonard.

Appearances Edit

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