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Dave Evelyn Henderson is the husband of Donna Henderson and father to Michelle Henderson, and friend of Frank and Sadie Doyle. He is a werewolf detective.[1]

He has been portrayed by Hal Lublin and Joe Montegna.


Dave Henderson has many memorable qualities. He is tall, nearly handsome, likes boats but not the ocean, left-handed, stands at 6'1", favors button-down shirts, parts his hair, sings in a men's choral, prefers hardcover books to paperback, turns into a great big furry werewolf on the full moon, does not care for spicy foods, once found a penny on the street, is a terrible bridge player,[1] accidentally married to a vampire, and allergic to bee stings. He wears a ridiculous fanny pack with emergency epinephrine.[2]

Unlike the Doyles, Dave drinks beer.[3]




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