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Desdemona Hughes is the main character in Desdemona Hughes, Diva Detective. She is played by Jamie Denbo.


Called the Woman of a Thousand Faces, she is a former actress in the silent era of movies,  When the silent film era ended, Desdemona's star began to fade.

After she left acting, Desdemona became a detective with a penchant for disguises.

Desdemona's RolesEdit

  • Esmerelda in Moonlit Rominy
  • Greta in One Glorious Meeting
  • Sally Sue in Bumpkins on Broadway
  • (Unknown) in The Heat of the Congo
  • An arthritic in The Last Grasp of Cleopatra
  • "The Lady M" in a film of "The Scottish Play"
  • A wise old washerwoman in (Unknown).
  • A paperboy with not enough sense to get out of the rain in (Unknown).
  • An 'Oakey' in The Migrant Heart.


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