Doctor Diagonal is a character in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.  He is played by Hal Lublin.


Diagonal is an alien mad scientist.  His species' name is impossible to pronounce or transcribe, it basically sounds like a lot of clucking and noises.  His species has the ability to regenerate once the first time they die.  He has many tentacles, a visible brain, and wears weird shoes.  Diagonal also makes the deathiest death rays.

Diagonal was partnered with Bad Betty DuPree, robbing and pillaging their way across the universe, when he was caught by Sparks Nevada and turned over to the USSA for prosecution.  To avoid death, he squealed on his former partner. DuPree was caught and quickly sentenced to hang.  She broke out and vowed to kill everyone involved in her trial.  

DuPree successfully killed everyone she planned to, with Sparks Nevada being the last name on her list.  Diagonal released a toxin into the Space Saloon which changed all present, including Croach the TrackerThe Red Plains RiderFelton, and the Barkeep, to turn into clones of Sparks.  As Betty has OCD, Diagonal knew that she could only kill Sparks Nevada once.  If she killed more than one Sparks Nevada, her OCD would cause her to want to resurrect and kill everyone else involved in her trial once for every Sparks Nevada she killed. Diagonal planned to kill all of the Nevadas in front of DuPree, preventing her from ever being able to complete her plan.  It would also be revenge against Sparks Nevada for forcing him to go against his best friend in court.

When Diagonal showed up and confessed his plan, DuPree admitted that she thought of Diagonal as her best friend as well.  The two reconciled, but before they could do any more evil, the real Sparks Nevada shot and shot the weapons out of their hands, then arrested them and turned them back over to the USSA.


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