Duels are a fight between two beings, most commonly to the death (although these terms can be renegotiated if the dueling parties agree. If three parties are involved, it is called a truel.

In Vampire SocietyEdit

Duels are used to solve matter in vampire society, and are presided over by the coven leader (or interim leader).

As most vampires are too anaemic and frail to physically fight one another, proxies are summoned to fight in place of the two vampire parties. Proxies can be any sort of being, including demons, wraiths, C.H.U.D.S., or human. These proxies can come from anywhere unless one of the duellists invokes the Right of Ornathow, which means the duelists must use a proxy from inside the room they are currently in.

These proxies then fight to the death. Both the losing proxy and the losing vampire will be killed.

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