Elsworth is a character in The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam. He is played by Keegan-Michael Key.

History Edit

Elsworth, last name unknown, was one of the earliest Adventurekateers. He and Tyler, the second Adventurekateer, were Adventurekateers together.

In Try, Triangle Again, Elsworth has stepped in and takes over the role of Captain Laserbeam while Joshua Valor is on an undercover underwater undertaking. His attitude and heroism mimic that of Capatin Laserbeam nearly perfectly -- he makes awkward puns during a speech, is irritated by the current Adventurekateers, all of whom he knows by name, and even destroys Shape Ape's deathtrap via willpower-based feedback.

However, everyone he meets, save perhaps Shape Ape, also recognizes he isn't Joshua Valor due to differences in their skin tones, as Elsworth is black. He is also recognized immediately by Tyler.

Appearances Edit

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