Ewing Klipspringer is an old college friend of Sadie Doyle's. Her husband, Frank, has never liked him due to his flirtatious attitude (and the feeling is extremely mutual), although Sadie always insisted there was nothing but friendship between them. Frank's thoughts would be proven correct when Ewing professed his love for Sadie during a seance.

She did not return his feelings. Despite Sadie being very clear about this, Ewing believes that Sadie's love for Frank will fade and that he still has a chance to be with her. This is, of course, incorrect.

Although he had been close friends with Sadie for many years, he had never experienced the supernatural first hand until the event of She Blinded Me With Seance.

He shares his name with an unlikable character fromThe Great Gatsby.


A very sure-of-himself flirt. Highly competitive.


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