Fantastical Musicorium is a podcast created by Eban Schletter. Each episode features stories and music created by Eban, his family, and other actors and friends, Paul F. Tompkins and Mike Phirman.

A Sneak Preview of Eban Schletter's New Podcast (TAH #132)Edit

In a special episode of the Thrilling Adventure Hour, Acker and Blacker sat down with Eban to talk about the music he'd written from the podcast as well as to offer a preview of the Fantastical Musicorium that was about to premiere. It includes brand-new studio versions of two of Eban’s compositions: Our Love is the Best, featuring Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster, and Ride Along Sparks Nevada, featuring Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins.

The audio for this episode may be found here.


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