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Fear at First Sight is an episode of War of Two Worlds.


"Fear at First Sight" on Nerdist


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The Space shuttle Magneto returns to Earth from its final mission and sees something following them into the atmosphere. NORAD confirms that something large is heading to Earth following the shuttle at high speed. NASA will also be closing after this mission from lack of funding. The shuttle lands successfully.

Later, at the NASA going out of business party, Lyle (he also calls himself Lynne) Gurfwood attempts to contact the President of the United States, or Vice President. He eventually gets ahold of the Vice President but he falls asleep. Another engineer tells Lyle that the large blip has split into thousands of blips.



This is the 60th episode of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. The prior episode is Romanian Holiday and the next episode is A Date with Destinos. The prior episode in War of Two Worlds canon is #56, Intercepted Transmission, and the next is #64, From Russia With Cake.


This episode was recorded in studio as a co-production with Superego and released on February 27, 2012.

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