Forward to the Past is an episode of Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer


"Forward to the Past" on Nerdist


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Abby calls Amelia to let her know the CIB has detected a breech in 1894.  Amelia realizes this Nazi ploy is personal - the Nazis mean to stop Amelia herself from ever being born by keeping Amelia's parents from falling in love.

Amelia flys to Atchison, Kansas on May 22 1894, where Amy Otis has two suitors. Edwin Earhart has been in love with Amy his whole life, and Gunther, a German Nazi, is her newer suitor. Edwin offers his heart in his hands, while Gunther argues that he's the unconventional choice, perfect for a woman who enjoys rejecting what society expects of her. He wishes for them to move to Germany unexpectedly. Amy agrees with Gunther, and leaves with him.

Amelia arrives to speak with Edwin about Amy and encourages him to try harder to woo Amy. They catch up with Gunther and Amy, who are still leaving. She reveals to Amy and Edwin that she's their daughter and pleads with them to get together. She starts to fade as her future gets more uncertain. Gunther notes to Amy that the most conventional thing possible would be to marry someone based on the fact that someone showed up telling you their future depended on it.

Amelia pleads with Edwin to say something to convince Amy, but he declines to speak on his own behalf. Gunther taunts Amelia, and Amelia says she has one last argument against Amy marrying Gunther. Amelia then shoots and kills Gunther.

Amy notes that Edwin declining to speak on his own behalf was unpredictable, and Amy agrees. She asks Edwin to go out, and ask if Amelia would like to come along. Amelia declines, and asks her parents to "go easy on her" when she's older.



This is the 126th episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. The previous episode is #125 Beyond BeliefArt Imitates Life, as well as SDCC Bonus episodes 125.1 Captain Laserbeam Theme and 125.2 Woe is Me. The next episode is #127, Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars - Wanted Men. The previous episode in Amelia Earhart canon is #108, Brother vs Brother vs Nazi, and the next is #138, Nazis Fall on Yancy Street


This episode was recorded at The Bell House on May 10, 2013 and released on July 22, 2013.

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