The War of Two Worlds

From Russia With Cake is an episode of War of Two Worlds.


"From Russia With Cake" on Nerdist


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The crew of a space station is celebrating Margret's birthday. The crew notices out the pod bay window that the departing Magneto is being followed by a large UFO. The computer, BARRU (pronounced Barry), says he detects nothing following the Magneto.

As the crew argues amongst themselves, BARRU closes the Airlock and insists that nothing is following the Magneto. BARRU then begins reducing the oxygen in the space station, and shuts off the lights, life support, and heat. BARRU then then says there is not a space craft heading to collide with the space station, and continues the countdown, until all something does indeed collide with the space station, and all the inhabitants die.



This is the 64th episode of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. The prior episode is Teenagers of the Corn and the next episode is Showdown, You Move Too Fast. The prior episode in War of Two Worlds canon is #60, Fear at First Sight, and the next is #69, Welcome to High Water.


This episode was recorded in studio as a co-production with Superego and released on both podcasts' feeds on March 26, 2012.

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