Greg was given the nickname of 'cinnamon' by Edwina, because he smelt exactly like cinnamon. He is played by Steve Agee.

Greg and his family worked at the old slaughterhouse, which had been in his family for generations. Greg felt as though he would work their for the rest of his life. On his seventeenth birthday Greg, fed up with the path his life was on, snapped and began drawing people to him with the promise of something they wanted in order to lock them in his meat locker and kill them.

After murdering countless victims, Greg kidnapped three teenagers (Bruce, Lizzie, and Hadley), and the Doyles. He killed Hadley, but she got her revenge after the Doyles brought her back as a ghost and she killed him.

Currently deceased, although his destination in the afterlife is unknown.

Urban Legends Surrounding His Identity Edit

  • that he had a hook for a hand
  • that he was a poet who’s greatest works were the rhymes children know and who went mad from lack of credit
  • that he was not real and was an urban legend come to life

Appearances Edit

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