Hadley is a teenager who was kidnapped by Cinnamon while searching for a quiet place to read (not only did she not find any books, Cinnamon took the book she’d  brought with her after he kidnapped her).

After being held and tormented along with fellow teenagers Bruce and Lizzie, Hadley attempted to escape and was killed by Cinnamon. The Doyles brought her back as a ghost in order for her to get her revenge, and she killed him.

As she still felt she had things left to experience on the mortal plane, Hadley decided not to go into the afterlife but instead chose to stay on Earth and solve supernatural mysteries with Bruce and Lizzie (and maybe find herself a ghost boyfriend).

She is played by Lauren Lapkus.

Notable Traits Edit

  • tough
  • virtuous
  • aversion to vice
  • curiosity
  • intelligence
  • vigilance
  • easy relatability
  • unisex name

Appearances Edit

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