Hal bird

Hal ate this bird.

Hal Loobin is a WorkJuice Player and the fucking *man*.

Bear KillingEdit

It is rumored that, at age six, Hal Loobin killed a full-grown black bear using only a Bowie knife. In truth, it was two polar bears, and he used the tweezers from a Swiss Army Knife.

Being The ManEdit

As has been previously mentioned, Hal Loobin is the fucking *man*.


Alternate spelling of Loobin (from

The Power of FlightEdit

It is rumored that Hal Loobin can fly. These rumors are true, though Loobin humbly refuses to display these powers in public. He claims they shall only ever be deployed "in the case of a national emergency, and my country needs me."

Paul and Storm did thisEdit

It was really Paul, but if you don't think that Storm had something to do with this then YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES. 

External LinksEdit

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