Here's to Us is a song written for Beyond Belief. It was written by Ben AckerBen Blacker, and Andy Paley.

Originally sung by Paul F. Tompkins and Paget Brewster as Frank and Sadie Doyle in the episode White Hunter, Drunk Heart.

It was also sung by the Weird Al Yankovic, the WorkJuice Players, and special guests in the eighth anniversary episode. That version can be heard in the Behind the Scenes episode with Annie Savage and Busy Philipps.

Finally, a version presumably from the M Bar run of the show appears in the Comedy Bang Bang episode A Thrilling Hour or So. The lyrics are identical.


My glass was half empty until I met you
A life on the rocks I suppose,
Then fate mixed in equal parts you, me, and gin
And now my cup overflows.
While most might toast to one's wealth or good health
There are poor souls who drink to forget,
We drink to remember to drink once again
Raise a glass for the best reason yet:
Here's to us
Here's to you and me
Add the bottle and that makes three
Who needs high sobriety? Here's to us
Let's knock 'em back til we're out of knocks
Try 'em all like Goldilocks
Fill 'er up and hold the rocks,
Here's to us
Here's looking at us, kid
A little lubricated
In booze we trust, kid
Walking a straight line's so overrated
It's seems so long we've been without
Poor me a drop to end this drought
Bottom's up 'til we bottom out,
Here's to us
To the drop of a hat, love,
And partly cloudly skies
I'll drink to that, love, 
Like the man said here's mud in our eyes
And if my spirits start to sink
I know your favorite sound is *CLINK*
It's the last thing I hear before I drink
Here's to us
Yes we're quite a match, so it's down the hatch
Here's to us

Chords Edit

Unofficial chords for this song can be found here

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