Ho-Ho-Hobo Christmas was performed in the Down in Moonshine Holler segment of the Christmas on Mars episode Coal for Christmas. It was written by Ben AckerBen Blacker and Andy Paley

Sung by Craig Cackowski, Hal Lublin and the rest of the cast of the Christmas on Mars episode.


Banjo: Why look Gummy, look, it's all our hobo friends. Lockjaw!

Gummy: And Skeets!

Banjo: Woah, is that Salty Peanuts?

Gummy: And there's Nathan Fillion!

Banjo: Oh all our hobo friends! Stumpy! Colonel Patchy Pants! Jackrabbit Slim! Oh, and Mudflap! Uriah Heep!  Hey is that Iron Man McGinty?  Woah, Nick Nolte!  Woah, Porkpie Willie! Johnny Roast Beef.  Woah, Captain Rudebager!  Brandon!  Cornelius Fishbarrel!  Oh and Pickles McGraw.  Well, Stacey Pockets!

Gummy: Hey enough saying Hobo Names Banj!  Let's have with the Caroling!

It's a ho-ho-hobo Christmas
So raise your spirits high
And let's salute the old galoot
Who tramps across the sky

Old Saint Nick grabs his bindlestick
And loads it in his sleigh
With toys for lazy girls and boys
It's the ho-ho-hobo way!

Those swells in town they dance around
Their tinsel ever green
With storebought loot wrapped up so cute
And brought by limosiene

The smells of hams and cadied yams
Waft through the frosty air
But out here back by the old train tracks
We've yuletide joy to spare

It's the ho-ho-hobo Christmas 
So join our merry choir
And sing along our wassail song
Around the barrel fire

It's Kringle jingles jingle bells
When elves and drifters play
Let's pass aroud that nog we found
It's the ho-ho-hobo way!

It's a ho-ho-hobo Christmas
Let's wish all tramps good will
With mistletoe and a cup of joe

Banjo and pie fresh from the sill

There's holes in all our stockings

But brother that's okay!

So jump a freight and celebrate
It's the ho-ho-hobo way
It's the ho-ho-hobo way!

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