Howard "Howie" Schroeder is a childhood friend of Frank Doyle and Peter Hendrick. He works as a newscaster, and lives in New Jersey with his wife. He has been played by Andy Daly and Colin Hanks, and a young version of Howie has been played by Tom Lenk.

During his childhood with Peter and Frank he was often teased by them about being stout, having a multitude of hobbies, and not being as good at being a boy detective. Howie is also sometimes called a doof by Frank and Peter.

Howie drives a brand new jalopy.


Howard has a fearful personality, mostly stemming from his inhibility to shake his past meeting with Nightmares the Clown. He considers himself to be a follower more than a leader.

As a child he had many hobbies, a trait which he carried into his adult life as well.

Hobbies Edit

  • Falconry
  • Lumberjack


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