Isabelle Merryl is a dame. She is played by Danica McKellar.

Isabelle first married Joshua Merryl to try to get at the Merryl and Sons Sofa Emporium fortune. When Joshua's father disapproved, she divorced Joshua and married his father. She then got Joshua's father to cut Joshua out of his will and leave all his money to her.

Joshua sought revenge and to stop him Isabelle convinced Joshua that she still loved him. She sent him after the leprechaun gold until the pretense that, if they had the gold, they could run away together. Unbeknownst to Isabelle, the Leprechaun killed Joshua.

When Joshua went missing his father began to worry, and Isabelle (believing that Joshua had tried to run away with the gold alone) sent private detectives after him. They were also killed by the leprechaun.

Eventually, Isabelle went looking for Joshua herself, contacting PJ. After getting PJ (and the Doyles, who were assisting him) to track down the leprechaun, Isabelle had her soul sucked pout by the leprechaun. Luckily for her, it exploded, freeing her soul and giving her a new perspective on life.

Appearances Edit

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