John Frodgman is a frog who used to be a prince. He is played by John Hodgman.

After his brother, Glenn, was turned into a frog by an enchanted apple, John also took a bite of the very same apple as he felt that they should always have an equal share in all things. Unlike his brother, Glenn very much enjoyed being a frog as it did not have the pressures of being a prince.

However, since both he and his brother were part of the same curse, John was willing to be turned back into a human if he had to be, for Glenn's happiness. Luckily, due to the Doyles' involvement and the witch's skills he was able to remain a frog.

John believes that he’s still handsome (just a different kind of handsome).

Things He Enjoys About Being a Frog Edit

  • drinking water through his skin
  • hibernating, which he finds so relaxing
  • floating around on logs
  • playing a banjo (a frog's favourite instrument)

Appearances Edit

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