.. when they once again walk Beyond Belief in a terrifying tale titled..

Spooky Hal often announces the "next" <adjective> tale. With one exception,[1] they've all failed to appear.

"Lost" Episodes of Beyond Belief
# Title Announced In #
1 Tomb to Tango Love Love Me Doom 32
2 Seven Brides for Seven Horrors Chitty Chitty Bang Bang You're Dead 37
3 Zombies, Tramps and Thieves White Hunter, Drunk Heart 42
4 From Fear to Eternity Vampire Weekend 48
5 Slaughter on the 23rd Floor A Dave at the Races 54
6 Curiosity Drank the Cat Romanian Holiday 59
7 Healthy, Wealthy and Dead Teenagers of the Corn 63
8 Death Be a Lady Tonight Nuns the Word 68
9 Dial E for Evil Djinn and Tonic 76
10 Clear Eyes. Pure Heart. Can Murder. Sarcophagus Now 80
11 The Autobiography of Malcolm Hex The Haunting of Howard Schroeder 93
12 My Gravorite Year Caped Fear 96
13 Murder O'Clock Forged in Flame 101
14 The Curious Case of Skeleton Button How To Spell Revenge 109
15 Death by Death-West Making Spirits Fight 114
16 Happy Anniversorcery The Devil You Know 116
17 April Showers Bring May.. Murders Cursed at First Bite 122
18 The Joy of Six Six Six Art Imitates Life 125
19 Monster of the House The Deceased Charm of the Bourgeoisie 129
20 Pride and Deadjudice Molar Express 133
21 Beverly Hills Corpse Touch of Keeble 140
22 Tinker Taylor Ogre Die Basil's Day 149
23 For Whom the Bell Trolls When Cthulu Cthalls 153
24 Freakonomics Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Corpse 156
25 The Heart is a Lonely Haunter Bon Viv-Haunt 164
26 Finding Screamo Prelude to a Fish 167
27 Company Loves Misery The Bloodsucker Proxy 172
28 Garden of Bleedin' Jones On Third 178
29 Gin Mummy Werewolf of Wall Street 183
30 George's Murderous Medicine Scream a Little Scream 189
31 Reaper Madness The Skeleton Brief 192
32 Help Haunted Gory Gory Hallelujah 197
33 Troll Bridge Three Strikes You're Dead 204
34 Janet of the Apes All About Evil 214
35 The Parent Trap Straight on til Mourning 226
36 Mishak, Tailor, Soldier, Die Mannequin Episode 232
37 99 Goblins Snakes in a Mane 235

References Edit

  1. In Bon Viv-Haunt (TAH #164) the announcement is "Join the Doyles after this musical break when they once again walk beyond belief into a spooky tale titled The Heart is a Lonely Haunter."

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