Jumbo the Elephant was a short-lived segment of The Thrilling Adventure Hour featuring Jumbo the Jazz Playing Elephant, who had a knack for showing up for holiday episodes.


Theme Song LyricsEdit

Back in the day in old Habana
Was a pint size pachyderm he wanna
Make a swingin' jazz combo
Blows his nose, drives you and me nuts
Happy just to play for peanuts
Wails on that trunk, hey go cat go
That beat sneaks under your skin
It's the jumpin'est band alive
He's so hep and he'll never forget
How to keep in step when he bops that jive
Easter Sunday plays the plaza
His critter combo jams the jazz-a
Play that proboscis, go, man, go
(J-U-M-B-O, Jumbo!)

Lyrics by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker with Andy Paley

Other SongsEdit

Segment CategoriesEdit

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