Keller is a fast-talking, business minded werewolf. He embraces his "inner wolf" all month long and uses it to get what he wants.

After Frank outbid him for a cursed copy of the novel The Monkey's Paw, he tracked Frank down and threatened him. The first time he did so, Frank was unable to give him the book as he (along with Sadie, Wade, and Aubrey) were under the influence of the book's curse. After Frank went to the Crespos for help, Keller followed him there, almost killing them in his werewolf state before Wade could reverse the curse.

After the curse had been reversed, Keller once again visited the Doyles in an attempt to get the book. However, Wade used his knowledge if werwolves to threaten Keller, and Keller quickly left the Doyles, and the book, alone.

He is played by Keegan-Michael Key.

Appearances Edit

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