A listing of all hobos mentioned in Down in Moonshine Holler.

Known HobosEdit

  • Gummy
  • Banjo Bindlestuff
  • Stacy Buckets (The Hobo Cinderella)
  • Curious Pete
  • Beulah and Abner
  • Mr. Grandpa
  • Squeaky
  • Stumpy
  • Colonel Patchy Pants
  • Nathan Fillion
  • Jackrabbit Slim
  • Mudflap
  • Uriah Heep
  • Iron Man McGinty
  • Nick Nolte
  • Porkpie Willie
  • Johnny Roast Beef
  • Captain Rudebager
  • Brandon
  • Cornelius Fishbarrel
  • Pickles McGraw
  • Marble-Mouth Crawley, the hobo ambassador to New Orleans
  • Other-Way Jones, who looks the other way when others are in danger
  • City Mouse Dunbar
  • Gadzooks McCombs
  • Cholly
  • Pester Fitzamble
  • The Plentywood Gummys (Not related to Gummy)
  • Shifty (Gummy's best friend)
  • Mrs. Grandma
  • Hephaestus

Hobo RoyaltyEdit

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