Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars is a segment performed both at Largo and during the M Bar era. This page is a stub to keep canon from M Bar Episodes separate from the podcasted canon on the Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars page.

M Bar Canon NotesEdit

A version of Virginia West was part of the M Bar performances, where she was a love interest for Sparks Nevada and was replaced by a Jupiter spy, similar to Ginny West. She had some relation to the general store, possibly ran it.[1]

The Room LiveEdit

In the period during the show's transition from M Bar to Largo, a non-canonical episode of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars titled Terror in 2001 Feet was performed as part of The Room Live. During this episode, Sparks and Croach mention having had 60 adventures at M Bar.


  1. Fan Questions Answered (TAH #151)

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