Michelle Henderson is a character in Beyond Belief who is Donna and Dave Henderson's young daughter and a half-werewolf, half-vampire. She may or may not be an antichrist, but she is awfully cute. I mean, just look at those little toesies![1][2]

While Donna was pregnant with Michelle, Michelle transformed into a werewolf state during the full moon. She also favoured B- blood, as Donna does.

Her imminent birth was hailed by the omen of a rain of frogs.[3] She has been kidnapped by demonslayers (later rescued by her mom and Frank Doyle)[1] and is under constant threat from all sorts of end-of-the-world nut-jobs who think she figures into their doomsday plans.[1][2][4]

Her favourite flavour of cupcakes are chocolate.[4]


As the daughter of a vampire and a werewolf, Michelle is incredibly powerful.

  • Gave Donna addition strength while Donna was pregnant with her.
  • Ability to transform into a werewolf on the full moon.
  • Ability to bring about the end of days.
  • Able to kill/destroy an Old One.
  • Able to produce an enormous thrall over others.
  • Able to see beings who are invisible.[4]

Groups Who Include Michelle in Their PropheciesEdit




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