Minnie Fontaine is played by Busy Philipps.

Minnie is a silver screen diva, who starred in such films (of a certain era in Hollywood) as 'Ghost Township', or 'Monsieur and Madame'.

She agreed to star in a film after her death called 'A WOMAN CONSPICUOUS' with her friends Kieran Mazzley, Barney, Honey Emerex, and Something-Something Someone. After she was the only one still alive, the ghost of Mazzley haunted her. Her boyfriend at the time, Bobo Brubaker, suggested they contact Frank and Sadie Doyle to help exorcise Mazzley.

After Mazzley leaves Minnie, Minnie decides that she will make 'A WOMAN CONSPICUOUS' herself while still alive, and that she will live the rest of her life alone.

Appearance Edit

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