Mr. Octopus (John Hodgman) has the proportionate intelligence, arms, and bilateral symmatry of an octopus after being exposed to deep sea epsilon radiation while he was a doctorate student. Someday, he's going to go back to Coastopolis Univerity, get his degree, and become Professor Octopus. His first name is Garold.

His old lair was the Cephalopad. His deathtrap is the Engine of Decompression, which gives you an embolism.

He and Tyler did a Titanic diamond job a while back. He equipped Tyler with weaponized ink sacs.

Married The Fishwife on the back of her getaway boat-plane after helping her steal all the animals from the Apex City Aquarium (mostly helping with the octopi), and moved in with her. The current status of their relationship is uncertain, but she has been teaming up with Phillip Fathom lately.



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