Pans are nasty little boy monsters, with the body of a man and legs of a goat.

Pans are tricky creatures who hover outside windows, closest to their shadow. Pans get their power from applause, as well as leeching the youth from children whom they steal away from their families. They can also lose power from being booed.

Pans like to eat people's hands.

In you are in possession of a pan's shadow, you have control over the pan. You also gain some of the pan's powers, such as immortality, flight, and the ability to control the minds of people and animals. This ability can be enhanced if you also leech the life from children.

To defeat a pan, you must beat it in a contest of wills. When physically fighting someone, the Pan's weapon of choice is a wooden sword.

He is played by Tom Lenk and Lauren Lapkus.


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