This is a different version of Poor Me (Pour Me Another), which is sung solo by The Saloon Doors (Annie Savage) and did not appear in The Piano has Been Thinking.[1]


I wandered in alone and blue
Sorrow breaks my heart in two
I drown it in an ice-cold brew
Poor me, pour me another

Trouble won't leave me alone
Botheration dogs my bones
I guess I'll reap just what I've sown
Poor me, pour me another

Heaven help this sad, sad soul
The bottle's my damnation
Cause what's inside it soothes my woes
So serve up some salvation

Sometimes the world can be so cruel
Nobody knows the golden rule
Take pity on this simple fool
Poor me, pour me another

When will this hurting go away?
I got no way of knowing
Sure hope that it ain't here to stay
So keep that comfort flowing

Imagine all the love he missed
His lips are longing to be kissed
But he don't know that I exist
Poor me, pour me another
Poor me, pour me another
Poor me, pour me another!


  1. Pod #70 commentary part 1

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