"Poor Me (Pour Me Another)" The Piano has Been Thinking, the musical episode of Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.

Written by Andy Paley.

Performed by: Croach the Tracker, The Barkeep, and The Saloon Doors (Mark Gagliardi, Joshua Malina and Annie Savage)


My sorrows are what brought me here
I will drown them in an ice-cold beer
Chase it with a single tear
Poor me, pour me another

Trouble won't leave me alone
Botheration dogs my bones
I guess I'll reap just what I've sown
Poor me, pour me another

Barkeep and Croach
Heaven help all these sad souls
The bottle's their damnation
But what is inside it soothes my woes
So serve up some salvation

Saloon Doors
Imagine all the love he missed
His lips are longing to be kissed
But he don't know that I exist
Poor me, pour me another

Croach, Barkeep and Doors
Poor me, pour me another
Poor me, pour me another!

Chords Edit

Unofficial chords for this song can be found here

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