General Rex Flagwell as depicted in the Jefferson Reid segment of the Original Graphic Novel.

Rex Flagwell is a character in Jefferson Reid, Ace American and Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer.  He is usually played by John DiMaggio, but has been played by Marc Evan Jackson in Return to Castle Brunholdt.


Flagwell is a General in the US army and the head of the American Victory Commission.  He is the direct commander of Jefferson Reid, Agent Abby Adams and Amelia Earhart.  

Flagwell sends Jefferson Reid after Abby and Brownie Finn in the first Jefferson Reid episode.  He then collects Jefferson's report that Brownie is dead, and sends for an extraction team for Jefferson and Abby.

In Ace and Mr. President, Flagwell presides over Brownie's funeral, but becomes too emotional and has Jefferson Reid take over for him.  When Pal Sawyer kidnaps FDR, he sends Abby and Jefferson to rescue the President.

He has been spoken of in Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flyer, but has not made an appearance in an episode.  He was in the Amelia Earhart segment of the Original Graphic Novel, however.


Non-Canonical AppearancesEdit

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