Romaech is a small European village. The village's sign reads 'abandon hope all who enter', as Romaech was under several curses.

The Chikami people (Bogdana, Yanek) entered into a blood feud with the Zingari people (Claudiu). Bogdana's great-great-grandmother Ivanya fell in love with a a member of the Zingari family, Polus. He fell in love with her, but due to a miscommunication they believed the other had rejected them and were heartbroken. In her rage, Ivanya asked the Chikami elders to curse Polus, and in response the Zingari elders placed a curse upon Ivanya. The two families when back and forth, cursing one another until the entire town was cursed.

While on holiday, Sadie Doyle and Carter Caldwell became temporarily trapped in the village, and Sadie summoned the spirits of Polus and Ivanya so that they could sort out their differences and remove some of the curses on the town.

Curses Edit

  • The sign for the village is cursed to appear several feet within the borders of the village.
  • The Chikami and Zingari elders cursed each other to be trapped in the village forever, causing all who enter the village of Romaech to be trapped forever (lifted by Polus and Ivanya).
  • Upon entering the village your favourite food is also cursed to become your least favourite, your least favourite becomes your middle most favourite, and your middle most favourite becomes your favourite.
  • Polus's blue eyes and fair hair were cursed to turn dull and brown (lifted by Ivanya).
  • Ivanya was cursed with very sensitive teeth (lifted by Polus).
  • Bogdana was cursed to tell the story of how the village became cursed.
  • Yanek was cursed to bark like a dog and to carry candles with him everywhere.
  • The village's cows are cursed with a poor sense of direction.
  • Rivers withing the town a black, thick, and viscous.
  • Days turned into years, and vice versa.
  • Automatic cars cursed to become stick shifts.
  • As much as you pour, your glass never refills.
  • Claudiu was cursed to speak in redundancies and to know everything about everyone he met.
  • Yanek's first-born son turns into a multitude of bees during a full moon.
  • Yanek's wife's fingers are the size of pretzel rods and she constantly buys gloves.
  • Claudiu's mother is cursed to read each panel of a comic strip aloud.
  • Yanek and Claudiu curse Bogdana into helping Sadie.

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