A collection of lists that Sadie Doyle recites in episodes of Beyond Belief.

Interview with Frank and Sadie (TAH #39) Edit

  • Frank: Sadie, what is your favorite word?
  • Sadie: Doodle! No, uh, flimsy! No, blueberry! No, taxi! Quibble! No--
  • Frank: Sadie...think about it.
  • Sadie: Sure.
  • Frank: Drink about it.
  • Sadie: Sure.
  • Robert Siegel: I'll have another too. Thank you.
  • Frank: Here you go. Good luck. Favorite word?
  • Sadie: Dinosaur!

White Hunter, Drunk Heart (TAH #42)Edit

  • Sadie: Whatever shall we bag today, darling?
  • Frank: Well, whatever you fancy, my love.
  • Sadie: I want to shoot a hippo.
    • No - a rhino.
    • No - an antelope.
    • Oh no - a cheetah.
    • No - a jaguar.
    • Oh, no - a zebra.
    • No - a giraffe.
    • Oh no - a baboon.
    • Oh no - a wildebeest.
    • No, a hyena!
    • Oh no, a gazelle!
    • Oh, a water buffalo.
    • Oh, Frank, I simply cannot choose just one.

Vampire Weekend (TAH #48)Edit

  • Frank: Is it possible you've been transformed into a creature of the night?
  • Sadie: (gasps) Perhaps! But which creature? A Yeti? A bigfoot? A sasquatch?

Goatbusters (TAH #72)Edit

Sadie's questions for a farmer:

  • What does a piece of straw taste like?
  • Where do tractors come from?
  • Is a hoedown as baudy as it sounds?
  • What precisely is a horse?

Forged in Flame (TAH #101)Edit

  • Sadie: Look at all the flavors! I want vanilla. No, French vanilla. Oh no, chocolate! Oh, French chocolate! Oh look, Cherry's Jubilee! Cookies and cream? Together?

A Beyond Belief Valentines Day (TAH #106)Edit

From Story #2:

  • Sadie (upon finding out that their martinis have turned to wine, has Frank check all of the following):
    • whiskey
    • bourbon
    • scotch
    • vodka
    • rye
    • tequila
    • sterno
    • cordials
    • chartreuse
    • absinthe 
    • rum
    • gin
    • homeopathic medicine

Ladies and Skeleton (TAH #143)Edit

  • Frank: Sadie, love, something happen to the place settings?
  • Sadie: Well, let me see.
    • linen napkin
    • fish fork
    • dinner fork
    • salad fork
    • dinner plate
    • dinner knife
    • appetizer knife
    • soup spoon
    • cocktail fork
    • cocktail knife
    • highball glass
    • martini glass
    • brandy snifter
    • Oh, no, nothing's out of order!

When Cthulu Cthalls (TAH #153)Edit

  • My purse
  • An egg
  • That vase
  • The fridge!

It's a Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad World (TAH #219) Edit

  • a nightmare clown
  • a vampire
  • a mummy
  • a werewolf
  • a werehorse
  • another vampire
  • a calaca
  • a succubus
  • an inccubus
  • invisible men
  • skeleton men
  • a gingerbread man
  • Frankenstein girls,
  • African gods
  • Greek gods
  • elves
  • demons
  • fairies
  • a creepy goaty-legged boy monster
  • genies
  • gypsies
  • grinch
  • ghosts
  • a chupacabra
  • a cthulu
  • a leprechaun
  • another vampire
  • and those are just the ones I can remember.

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