Science Beings (Also referred to as Science Aliens) are a race of alients from the SK system, where science reigns supreme.

Science Being PhysiologyEdit

  • Science Beings are adorably small in stature.
  • They have cheek-brows.
  • They have fur, which is not blue.

Science Being CultureEdit

  • Their culture revolves around science and creating new inventions in the name of science.  They especially like making guns that do things that don't shoot people to kill, but do things like turn them inside out or switch bodies.
  • Science Being manner of speech often begins by announcing the emotion or tone of voice which they wish to express.
  • The Science Beings have been in conflict with the Technology Beings for at least a millenia.  This conflict was brought to an end by Cactoid Jim in the events of Do the Fight Thing.
  • They generally do not require permits for their science on their own planet.

Notable Science BeingsEdit

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