Sebastian Ernst is played by Nathan Fillion.

Sebastian married his beloved Cindy Louise. Unfortunately for Sebastian, she fell in love with Byron Crumpet. After he asked his father to kill Byron, Cindy Louise became despondent, but Sebastian, still in love with her, wouldn't let her leave.

After his wife's death, she haunted him in the form of her child self. When he first experienced the haunting he believed it was part of his own madness, and destroyed the Christmas decorations and gifts. The haunting was actually connected to the house, and once her ghost was destroyed the house imploded in on itself, taking Sebastian and his father with it.

To starve off loneliness and madness, Sebastian carried around the Collected Works of Edgar Allan Poe (Unabridged) and spoke to it, pretending that it spoke back to him in a high-pitched voice.

Appearances Edit

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