Sincerely, Colonel Tick Tock is sung by Colonel Tick-Tock, Gilbert, and Sullivan in the The Cross-Time Adventures of Colonel Tick-Tock episode Gilbert & Sullivan. It is performed by Craig Cackowski, Paul F. Tompkins, and Neil Patrick Harris.

It was also performed prior to podcast canon in The Thrilling Adventure Hour in The Room Live by Craig Cackowski, Paul F. Tompkins, and Scott Aukerman.

Written by Andy PaleyBen Acker and Ben Blacker.


Colonel Tick-Tock

In answer to your queries
Please pay attention, dearies
A simple quantum theory shall explain
In terms of this production
I'll spare you the deduction
And give you introduction just the same
Not John nor Mick nor Andy
Not James, Terrell, nor Sandy
Some people call me Randy, heavens no!
A title and a surname
Not quite the same as your name
Not just any his or her name, tally ho!
Most trusted by the royal crown
I boast a title of renown
The toast of jolly England town
The name is Colonel Tick-Tock
I man the timeline for the queen
Command her royal time machine
Her lands have always ever been
The charge of Colonel Tick-Tock

Gilbert & Sullivan

Hurrah! Hooray!

Tick Tock: Pip pip! Quite so!

A time machine you say?

Tick Tock: I do!

Pray, please don't think us bold
What does the future hold?
What does it hold?

Colonel Tick-Tock

You'll know fortune and great fame
Go on to critical acclaim
But all your operas sound the same!
Sincerely, Colonel Tick-Tock!

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