The Halley's Comet Gang are characters in Sparks Nevada, Marshal on Mars.



The Halley's Comet Gang consist of five cyborg outlaws, who ride robotic horses. They can fuse together to form one giant robot, which is called El Gigante.

The gang enjoys causing swaths of destruction. They come to Mars once every 76 years. The Martians refer to the event as the A'pokk'alip-sss.

They possess forcefields, and El Gigante has an auto-repirative system, which has allowed them to continue their swathing for hundreds of years.

Professor Genius shot El Gigante with the Inversification Ray, but its auto-reparitive systems fixed it back to normal. Sparks Nevada, instead, took the flood he'd lasso'd inside a wormhole generator (probably when saving Croach the Tracker's tribe from the flood caused by John Steelhands) and dumped it on the giant robot. El Gigante was fried by the water, and defeated, thus ending the many swaths of destruction caused by the gang forever.

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