The Hobo Way is a song performed as the ending to The Hobo Princess, the final episode of Down in Moonshine Holler.


Rambling round from state to state
Hitching rides and hopping freights
Sorry I can't stay
It's the hobo way!

Bindle stick and Apple Jack
All I have is right on my back
But I'm a-okay
It's the Hobo Way!

Apple Pie on a windowsill
Moonshine mash from a junkyard still
Oh Happy Day
It's the Hobo Way!

Banjo: What do you say, Gummy?

To Whatever lies out yonder
We'll meander and we'll wander
High-toned folks turn up their noses
When we stop and smell the roses
Vagabondin' across this land
Galavantin' ain't life grand?
It's one big soiree
It's The Hobo Way!

Banjo: And the ladies!

Forty winks and old boxed cars
'Neath a ceiling made of stars
Catch the Santa Fe
That's the Hobo Way!
Got no worries, why perspire?
What's the hurry? Where's the fire?
Another lazy day (whoo, whoo)
That's the Hobo Way!

Gummy: Take it Gummy!

Mother Nature raised me right
Told Father Time go fly a kite
We comes and goes just as we pleases
We blows like those summer breezes
That's the great big happy dream
Take my bath in an old mill stream
Collar off and play
That's the Hobo Way!

Never cross a fellow tramp
Shield him from the cold and damp
That's what we say
It's the Hobo Way!
Follow ye the open road
That's our creedo, that's our code
Now let us pray
That's the Hobo Way!

Stole two suppers, how we do
A ?? stew and my old shoe
And a fine rose
It's the Hobo Way!

Hip hip hooray!
It's the Hobo Way!

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