The Morning Inn is a country cottage run by Cheston and his wife Lustraya. The cottage was originally a tavern before it was re-purposed as a bed and breakfast, and retains much of the original bar fixtures.

Rooms Edit

The guest rooms at The Morning Inn are all named.

  • The Warm Embrace: the room that the Doyles stay in during their time at The Morning Inn (this room includes a bar by the bed).

Activities Schedule Edit

  • 8 to 10: continental breakfast (eggs, sadness)
  • 10 to 12: tour of a creek (relentless, crying, desolation)
  • 12 to 2: lunch - please take advantage of the games cabinet and community library shelf (which is a futile grasp at ignoring the inevitable)
  • free time until the kitchen opens for dinner at 7 (this includes a wine tasting, provided your life’s fire isn’t extinguished)

Residents of The Morning Inn Edit

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