The War of Two Worlds

The Tide Turns is an episode of War of Two Worlds.


"The Tide Turns" on Nerdist


WorkJuice PlayersEdit


Special GuestsEdit


Despite knowing that the aliens mean to kill all humans, baseball player Jim Lyons is determined to finish the World Series.

Several gray Martians are attending the World series and heckling Lyons, who is up to bat and trying to concentrate. The martians persist in their heckling, and Lyons eventually gets so worked up that he grabs a bag of peanuts from a vendor and throws them at the Martians.  The Martians all have an allergic reaction to the peanuts, and die.



This is the 85th episode of the Thrilling Adventure Hour. The prior episode is Nativity Ploy and the next is Mercy Killing. The prior episode in War of Two Worlds canon is #81, Close Encounters, and the next is #90, Humanity Fights Back.


This episode was recorded in studio as a co-production with Superego and released on both podcasts' feeds on August 27, 2012.

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